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Hey! I'm Ana.
   I like to read, take pictures, watch Youtube videos, scrowl throw Tumblr (or Instagram, or Twitter), watch movies at the cinema, go out with my friends, travel, read Harry Potter fanfics, pretend I'm in the 1989 tour (or RED, or Speak Now, or Fearless), pretend I'm dancing in a street in Barcelona (or that I'm a rapper singing New Man), play the guitar, dance when no one is watching (or when they are watching), lay my bed and do nothing, sing in the shower, eat nuttela and ice cream...
   Well, you get it.

   Have you noticed that I told you a lot of things about me, but you still know nothing about who I am?
   Like: what is my favourite color? How old am I? Where do I live? Do I like Disney? Am I organized? Do I work somewhere? What is my favourite song?
   And even if I answered those questions (which I'm not), you would still not know a lot about me.
   There is a quote from Iain Reid that says "Getting to know someone is like putting a…

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